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My latest blog on Astrology Chapter 2 - Zodiac Signs and Constellation The main purpose of writing this blog is to simplify understanding of a birth chart and explain basic predictive astrology. I wish astrology was as simple as reading a book, but it isn't.. No one can really put together all the combinations together. The reason astrology is termed as a Divine Science is because only the one blessed with the divine (a person truthful at heart) can truly get answers reading a Janampatri. But nonetheless it is a science. The most important thing of all is one must be able to see and judge all the elements in the chart individually and together. Continue Reading
Astrology and Career Counselling What is Astrology? Astrology is a science of fate and destiny. It is a science which recognises the spiritual essence of ‘karma and dharma’. Every soul takes birth to realise certain destiny. To learn some lessons and to enjoy some luxuries. This determination of the soul takes place at the time of birth. The first light that hits your body at your birth constitutes your energy system. The light is formed by seven colors emitted by our seven planets. At any particular time the energy level of these individual colors are never the same. Depending on energy levels of all these colors the blueprint of your life is formed. Study of this blueprint is Astrology. The first reference of astrology was done in Rigveda. Since then this science has maintained its share of believers and followers. It is one of the most ancient sciences. How does Astrology help in Career Determination? Astrology recognizes four aims of human life: Kama, Artha, Dharma and Moksha. Kama means desires, your emotional and sensory fulfilment. Artha means goals, Dharma means one’s principles. Moksha’s means liberation or freedom. So when you determine your career path which are in sync with your true desires, goals and principles, it becomes much easier for one to nurture it ahead and flourish in life. We see so many cases today of students being confused about their career even after finishing their education. In many cases they end up doing jobs which are entirely different from their educational background. Only if one had taken proper guidance early on one could have educated in the right path, hence increasing the probability of performing better in jobs. What is the right age to take astrological guidance and how accurately can one predict the career? It is always ideal to take astrological guidance when a child is in 10th or 12th std. The time when one chooses the education stream. However if career is something that is bothering you at any point one can seek consultation. Astrology can accurately predict firstly the nature of one’s career whether it will be a job, business or consultancy – in India or abroad. Then it can predict about the direction medical, technical, creative, administrative, computers, artistic, research, etc. Beyond that one can also use it to understand the branches one will be good at for example if one takes engineering the branch would be chemical, bio, computer mining, metals, automobile, etc. In today’s day and world even to predict till this point is a very broad prediction as there are many paths one can choose from their as well. In such cases if a person already has shortlisted 2-3 things in his mind then it becomes easier for me to guide. In the end I would just like to add that taking astrological career counselling at the right age can really help one save time, efforts and money in the long run.
About Me Astrologer and Astroarchitect Personal Horoscope : Reading kundli's of an individual House Horoscope : Balancing energy of the house I always had a keen interest and an enthusiasm towards learning astrology and Astro-Architecture from my mother Neeta Sinha. Although I pursued a successful corporate life in companies like Godrej, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and Christian Dior in my initial years, my intuition always led me to keep studying the divine sciences under Neeta Sinha's mentorship. Finally, heeding to my inner calling, I began practicing both astrology and Astro-Architecture. From past many years I am successfully practising this science and I am learning and growing each day. #Astrologer #Astroarchitect #HouseEnergy
Humbled to get such feedback. Its always my effort to help my clients in the best way possible. Being an #Astrologer gives me opportunity daily to achieve that. Grateful Always!!
Humbled to get such feedback. Its always my effort to help my clients in the best way possible. Being an #Astrologer gives me opportunity daily to achieve that. Grateful Always!!
Remedy for marriage issues There are certain combinations in astrology that can cause obstacles in one's marriage. The obstacle can be in the form of not finding a partner or not finding a suitable partner. In both the cases, this Lagan Utahul Pooja really helps. Any hurdles or issues arising in one's marriage can be removed with this Pooja. Home Remedy Every Thursday, wear yellow, light a Diya, hold skinned and split Bengal Gram (Chana Dal) and recite the Brihaspativaar Katha. After the pooja put that Bengal Gram in a banana tree close by and pray for an early marriage. Eat simple vegetarian food on Thursday. Watch out our page for for home tips. Message for any concern or worries and I will get back to you. To book Lagan Utahul Pooja online click here

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